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Retirees of Chevron Corporation, including subsidiary, associated and antecedent companies (such as Texaco, Gulf, Union, etc.) are eligible for membership in the Chapter. Spouses and surviving spouses of retirees are also eligible to join.

We have approximately 1000 members, living mostly in Contra Costa County, CA. Being a Contra Costa resident is not a requirement for membership, however. Also, if you are a retiree but did not qualify for retiree benefits, you are still welcome to join our association.

We are a chapter of the national Chevron Retirees Association. There are 105 chapters located in various cities throughout the country. Total membership of the overall organization at last count was approximately 15,000.

Annual Chapter dues are $10.

Click here for a membership application form. Please fill out the form, print it out, then send it with your check to the address indicated on the form.