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You’ve heard the expression, “We have a winner!” Our chapter has five winners of $1250 scholarships for the upcoming school year.

When we announced the program this year, we expected to receive donations to be able to award four scholarships at the increased amount of $1250. We clearly underestimated how many of our membership would participate. We received more than 500 donations, adding to more than $6000. Your Board received the message and increased the number of scholarships to fit the contributions.

This year we had 15 applicants and Scholarship America designated the following five as the best of an outstanding group.

Andrew BriggsAndrew Briggs, a grandson of chapter member Angela Botbol, will be in his third year at Brigham Young University-Idaho. He is majoring in Psychology. Andrew plans to attend medical school in California, specializing and eventually practicing in Psychiatry. Most recently he has served his church as a bilingual missionary in southern California.

Kyle ClarkKyle Clark may be a familiar name since he is the first multiple-year winner of our scholarships. Kyle is now beginning his second year at UC-Santa Barbara, preparing for a major in Business Economics with an emphasis in accounting and a minor in mathematics. His goal is to become a high school teacher in economics or mathematics. His current hobbies include playing guitar and volleyball. Kyle is a grandson of chapter member Robert Randolph.

Elizabeth DulacElizabeth Dulac, the granddaughter of chapter member Lee Dulac, is a freshman this year at Boston College. She has not committed to a major yet, but seeking a diverse education for a career in international affairs in government or independent organizations. Elizabeth has a good start in government, having just completed being the student representative on her school board.

Peter JacobsonPeter Jacobson is in his second year at Utah State University. However, since he completed several Advanced Placement courses in high school (that’s for college credit), he expects to attain his bachelor’s degree rapidly with dual majors in accounting nand finance. From there, he wants to obtain an MBA. Looking tothe future, Peter aspires to run a business of his own. His grandfather is chapter member John Jacobson.

Steven VogelSteven Vogel, a grandson of member Pat Toner, is beginning his second year at Colorado State University. He is currently working on a degree in business, with emphasis in marketing. As his education and career move forward, he plans to be an active member in his community, by continuing to contribute his time and talents, as he has done for several years already.