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2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s scholarships for the 2011-2012 academic year. There were 18 applicants and the 5 below were chosen to receive the scholarships. The goals and aspirations essays that the recipients wrote were outstanding and the best that I have seen in the past three years. From the appreciation notes that the winners have sent, we can feel very proud that we are helping the future generation with our scholarship program. Everyone’s support for the scholarships is appreciated and hopefully we can continue to grow this program.

Awards were given to the following individuals:

Richard AllmanRichard Allman, son of William Allman, Danville. Richard is a sophomore at UCLA, majoring in Electrical Engineering. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Richard plans to work for Teach for America and then continue on to pursue a graduate degree in Business Administration. He has been blessed with an ability to excel in math and science and he wants to use these abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Erica BilodeouErica Bilodeou, daughter of Deborah Wechsler, Danville. Erica is planning to attend Cal Poly, majoring in Chemistry. Erica is fascinated with three-dimensional creation and how and why things work, hence her love of chemistry. Whatever she ends up doing with her life, she knows that her insatiable curiosity will always keep her interested in learning more.

Monet GonnermanMonet Gonnerman, Lake Oswego, OR, granddaughter of Idris Evans, Lafayette. Monet is planning to attend Santa Clara University, undeclared major. Monet has spent the last three summers volunteering in Managua, Nicaragua. Crossing from her world, her language and her culture into another has opened her eyes and she has seen a world very different from her own. She wants to help others through her work to make her community a better place, whether in this country or another.

Katelyn JarvisKatelyn Jarvis, Danville, granddaughter of Timothy Hubbard, Walnut Creek. Katelyn is planning to attend UC, Davis, majoring in Humanities. Katelyn aspires to become a secondary teacher and to teach students the importance of education and learning by showing them that school and education aren’t just about memorizing facts, but are about being excited for the subject and enjoying the discovery of new information.

Abigail KlinkenbergAbigail Klinkenberg, granddaughter of Thomas Huvane, Walnut Creek. Abigail is planning to attend UCLA, pre-med major. Abigail has been volunteering at John Muir Medical Center for the past four years and aspires to be a surgeon, helping people in the U.S. or abroad. One of her greatest dreams is to work for the United Nations or World Health Organization, helping shape global policy in developing nations around the world.