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2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic years. Because of the chapter member’s generosity, we were able to offer four scholarships of $2000.00 each. Since we started the program in 2005, we have been able to give out 52 scholarships, totaling $72,250.00, something we are very proud of! Because we are celebrating the 10th year of this program, we would like to give out five scholarships next year for $2000.00 each and hope your generosity will enable us to do this.

The four individuals below were chosen by Scholarship America to receive these scholarships out of the eighteen who applied. From the essays and appreciation notes that the winners have sent, we can feel very proud that we are helping the future generation with our scholarship program. Everyone’s support for the scholarship program is appreciated and hopefully we can continue to grow this program. See general information on the website regarding next year’s scholarship program so you can encourage your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to apply.

Andrea GroteAndrea Grote, Danville CA, daughter of Karen Grote, Danville, attending her second year at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA, pursuing a degree in Biochemistry. “Ultimately I hope to attend a medical school that will allow me to get an MD/PhD combination degree. I am fascinated not only by the possibility of studying medicine and genes, but also by the potential to change the lives of many people. First receiving my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and then moving on to medical school will allow me to continue to expand my passion for medical science, engineer new ideas, and change the world as we know it today.

Megan KuhnleMegan Kuhnle, Palo Alto CA, granddaughter of Ann Cormack, Lafayette, will be attending Tufts University in Medford MA, pursuing a degree in International Relations. “After I graduate from Tufts, I plan to work for a few years and then pursue a graduate degree in law or another graduate program. Right now as a career I think being a district attorney is very appealing. Another sector I’m interested in is Foreign Service. Working at an embassy or consulate abroad would allow me to learn a lot, everything from language and tradition to trade and the environment.”

Michael LivanosMichael Livanos, San Ramon CA, son of Nicholas Livanos, San Ramon, will be attending University of Minnesota: Twin Cities in Minneapolis MN, pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. “Engineers have the unique opportunity to transform the world around them. It is an engineer’s duty to not only serve the interests of people from around the world, but also to create new systems to preserve finite natural resources and utilize efficient and effective alternative energy sources. Future engineers will need to find a solution to the most pressing issues of society and that is a process that I am very excited to participate in.”

Kevin MooreKevin Moore, West Linn, OR, grandson of Chuck Scanlan Walnut Creek, will be attending Portland State University in Portland OR, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. “There are several things I want to get out of my time at Portland State University. I hope to get a major in civil engineering. I am not sure what specialty of civil engineering I will go into, but I am thinking of going into either transportation engineering (road building, building train lines, etc.) or hydrology (building dams, levees and the like). When I graduate, I will either go to grad school to get a Master’s degree or I will join an engineering firm. In the end I hope that what I help build during my career will be useful for a long time.”