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2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic years. Because of the chapter member’s generosity, we could offer four scholarships of $2000.00 each. Since we started the program in 2005, we have been able to give out 61 scholarships, totaling approximately $90,000.00, something we are very proud of!

The four individuals below were chosen by Scholarship America to receive these scholarships out of the twenty who applied. From the essays and appreciation notes that the winners have sent, we can feel very proud that we are helping the future generation with our scholarship program. Everyone’s support for the scholarship program is appreciated and hopefully we can continue to grow this program. See upcoming general information on the website regarding next year’s scholarship program so you can encourage your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to apply.

Below is information on each of the recipients and excerpts from their goals and aspirations statements. You will be able to read that a very good, committed group of students will be helped by us to make a better world in the future.

Kaylee GillettKaylee Gillett, Walnut Creek CA, granddaughter of William “Gene” Meyer, Walnut Creek, 1997 retiree, will be attending her first year at University of California, Los Angeles, pursuing a degree in Biology.
“I love studying biology. I am always amazed as I learn about the world’s complex systems. Every part of the human body must work together so intricately, it almost shouldn’t work, but it does! It is crazy to think that a simple ray of sun could cause a tiny seed to grow a tree, but through the brilliant process of photosynthesis, it does.” Kaylee plans to join UCLA’s Fellowship for International Service and Health, a student-run non-profit organization that brings health aid and education to communities in Mexico. Kaylee’s mother, Shelley Gillett, received a Chevron Reach Scholarship when she attended college. Kaylee received her school’s Knight Character Award, an award for students who live by the school motto: Do the right thing, treat others the way you want to be treated.

Heidi KwongHeidi Kwong, San Ramon CA, daughter of Fred Kwong, San Ramon, 2014 retiree, will be attending University of California, Los Angeles, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. “I aspire to create prosthetic limbs for people in need. I am motivated to develop prosthetics that will balance aesthetic and practicality, serving patients’ needs while embodying their personalities. When I can set myself loose on the dance floor, I feel energized and am overcome with joy. To empower people with this freedom by restoring mobility is a dream of mine. With the eventual integration of a master’s degree in business, I plan to take my prototypes beyond the laboratory and into the hands of customers at an affordable price point.” Heidi’s inspiration is Amy Purdy a double amputee, paralympian, author and motivational speaker. Amy’s success story from being impacted by illness to paving her own future on two bionic feet inspired Heidi to pursue her studies.

Eric ObenausEric Obenaus, Folsom CA, grandson of Larry Thompson, Moraga, 1996 retiree, will be attending University of California, Santa Barbara, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. “The most exciting time of my school day is going to class where I can design rockets, robots and whatever else I can imagine. I am fascinated by what makes things function, but more importantly, how I can improve them or design something entirely new. UCSB has research and internship programs in the fields that I am most interested in such as robotics and prosthetics. Creating robots that automate tasks, and equipment that restores functions to the body is extremely intriguing, and I intend to pursue these
paths in my career.” Eric received UCSB highest honor for incoming freshmen with automatic acceptance into the Engineering Honors Program. Eric will be pursuing the accelerated graduate program at UCSB so he can earn in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years.

Lauren TaricaLauren Tarica, Atascadero CA, granddaughter of Ron Tarica, Templeton CA, 1997 retiree, will be attending California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo CA, pursuing a degree in Biology and Music. “While I am not exactly sure what career I want to pursue, I know I would like it to be along the lines of ecology and environmentalism. We only have one planet and limited resources and not enough people understand this. When I get out of college, I hope to be in a position where I can make a difference in the world, to help people understand the footprint we leave on earth. I want to ensure the prosperity of future generations and make sure there is a planet left for them to call home. Above all, my main goal is to find happiness wherever I go. I hope to grow into a person that people want to be around because I make them happy and because they can trust me to always have their back on the bumpy road that is life. Humanity spends so much time tearing itself apart and I want to be someone who works to stitch it together and strives for a better tomorrow.” Lauren hopes to go into the field of ecology as a wilderness biologist. She is also a dedicated singer and musician.