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2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

As we all know, this has been a different, and sometimes difficult year for all of us and particularly for students! It is also the first year that we had our own scholarship committee involved with the program, as well as a new process for selections. We also had assistance from judges composed of a couple of board members, two members of our membership (one an Ex-CRA president) and an outside educator. This worked out very well and we selected four recipients to receive $2000 scholarships and two recipients to receive $1000 scholarships. It was not easy to make the selections because we had eleven students apply that had outstanding grades and outside activities.

Since 2005, we have distributed over $112,000 to 73 recipients out of 245 applicants for the scholarships. The scholarships have ranged from $1000 to $2000 over the years. We are so pleased with your continued support and hope that we will be able to grow this program even more. Your support is always important, but now it is needed more than ever.

The six individuals below were chosen by the judges to receive scholarships. From the grades, honors, extra-curricular activities, essays and special circumstances that were provided as part of the selection process, we can feel proud that we are helping the future generation with our scholarship program. The Board will be deciding the number of scholarships that we can offer for the 2022-2023 year around March 2022. Watch our Newsletters and see upcoming general information on the website regarding next year’s scholarship program so you can encourage your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren to apply.

Below is information on each of the recipients and excerpts from their goals and aspirations statements. You will be able to read that a particularly good, committed group of students will be helped by us to make a better world in the future.

Emily Gillett, Walnut Creek, CA, granddaughter of Patsy Meyer, widow of Gene Meyer, 1997 retiree, is in her second year at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, pursuing a degree in Special Education with a Business minor. “Through Vanderbilt’s top-ranked special education program, I am turning my passion for the special needs community into a career in special education and advocacy. I want to instill a love of learning in those for whom learning is most difficult, equip students with the tools they need to live without limits and advocate for inclusion in the classroom and beyond. I have begun this mission interning with Next Steps, Vanderbilt’s inclusive higher education program. I will continue ‘learning by doing’ this summer interning with the Special Olympics helping promote their mission of inclusion and empowerment across the globe through sports. Utilizing the education, tools, and experiences I gain at and through Vanderbilt, I will encourage love, inclusion and empowerment of all people with special needs who do truly make our world special.” Awarded $2000 scholarship.

Sydnie King, Clayton, CA, daughter of Patricia King, 2019 retiree, will be attending the University of Oregon, Eugene OR, pursuing a degree in Business Administration. “I was directly admitted to the Lunquist School of Business and accepted to the Clark Honors College, which includes a more rigorous curriculum. Currently I am considering double majoring in Business Administration and Public Relations, as well as a possible minor in Legal Studies. I plan to finish my bachelor’s degree in four years and hopefully continue to earn my master’s degree. As of now, I am unsure about what exact career path I will take, although Sports Business, Entrepreneurship and Law are three fields that I am interested in. My long-term goals are to retire as a successful businesswoman before jumping into the world of politics to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.” Awarded $2000 scholarship.

Katrina Kohlmeyer, Concord, CA, granddaughter of Dennis Kohlmeyer, Concord, 1992 retiree, will be transferring to Sacramento State University after attending Diablo Valley College for the past two years, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. “In the fall I will be attending Sacramento State University as an exercise science major with a concentration in clinical exercise and rehabilitation. I will also be joining their cross country and track and field teams. My long-term goal is to apply to graduate school to become a physical therapist. I want to work with children and athletes to help them recover from various injuries they suffer from.” Awarded $1000 scholarship.

Joshua Tarica, Atascadero, CA, grandson of Ron Tarica, Templeton, 1997 retiree, will be attending California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, pursuing a degree in Psychology. “My goal is to study psychology through to a graduate degree to pursue a career in therapy and counseling. I have learned throughout high school that I enjoy helping people overcome challenges by both being a careful listener and a thoughtful adviser. I plan to double major or minor in music to further develop my skills and find new performing opportunities. This has been a passion of mine and I absolutely want to continue participating in vocal and instrumental ensembles. The Cal Poly psychology department has a mentor program in which upper class students help guide lower class students in their personal achievements. I hope to get involved in this and other activities that will help me prepare for my future career while allowing me to inspire others.” Awarded $2000 scholarship.

Ivan Vuong, Danville, CA, son of Victor Vuong, Danville, 2018 retiree, is in his fourth year at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. “After earning my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I plan to enter a PhD program in Biomedical Engineering and conduct research developing immunotherapies for chronic diseases including musculoskeletal autoimmune diseases. I will continue to build skills in experimental planning, execution, and data analysis while contributing to the scientific community’s understanding of immunology and disease. As I gain research experience, I hope to collaborate with experts in related fields like biomaterials and microfluidics to devise meaningful experiments and therapies. After earning my PhD, I plan to join an organization that specializes in biomedical research, or found a start-up, to drive the development and commercialization of immunotherapies and related treatments. In my lifetime, I want to help reduce the pain and suffering of individuals with chronic medical conditions and support the next generation of biomedical researchers in their education and career.” Awarded $2000 scholarship.

Kyle Woody, San Ramon, CA, son of Michael Woody, San Ramon, 2020 retiree, will be attending UC Berkeley, pursuing a degree in Nuclear Engineering. “I plan to make myself as skilled as possible to contribute the most towards the advancement of nuclear science and energy. I intend on double majoring in mechanical engineering to broaden my abilities in the field. Once I graduate, I will most likely continue my education towards an advanced degree. I am most fascinated by molten salt reactors and believe that they would be the most revolutionary generators of electricity if they come to fruition. In my career as a nuclear engineer, I hope to contribute to making such technology a reality—providing cheap, emission free energy to the world.” Awarded $1000 scholarship.