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2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

This is the second year that we have run our own scholarship program and it is here to stay (with the $1500+ we save annually by doing it ourselves).  We once again had assistance from judges composed of a couple of Contra Costa Chapter board members, one member of our membership involved in HR, one CRA National officer (who is also a Contra Costa chapter member) and an outside educator. This worked out very well and we selected five recipients to receive $2000 scholarships. It was not easy to make the selections because we had eleven students apply that had outstanding grades and outside activities.

Since 2005, we have distributed over $122,000 to 78 recipients out of 256 applicants for the scholarships. The scholarships have ranged from $1000 to $2000 over the years. We are so pleased with your continued support and hope that we will be able to grow this program even more. Your support is always important, but now it is needed more than ever.

The five individuals below were chosen by the judges to receive scholarships. From the grades, honors, extra-curricular activities, essays and special circumstances that were provided as part of the selection process, we can feel proud that we are helping the future generation with our scholarship program. The Board will be deciding the number of scholarships that we can offer for the 2023-2024 year around March 2023. Watch our Newsletters and see upcoming general information on the website regarding next year’s scholarship program so you can encourage your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren to apply.

Below is information on each of the recipients and excerpts from their goals and aspirations statements. You will be able to read that a particularly bright, committed group of students will be helped by us to make a better world in the future.


Joey Gillett, Walnut Creek, CA, grandson of Patsy Meyer, widow of Gene Meyer, 1997 retiree, is a recent graduate of Las Lomas HS.  Joey is attending University of Alabama, majoring in Computer Engineering.  He was a counselor at Camp PALS, working with a camper with Down Syndrome.  Through this experience he developed his desire to give back to the disability community.  With a degree in Computer Engineering, he wants to work in the creation and programming of assistive devices for the disability community.


Matt McClelland, Fresno, CA, grandson of Richard Sweeney, , 2010 retiree, is a recent graduate of Bullard HS in Fresno.  He is attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with the idea of earning a master’s degree and work in the field of prosthetics.  He aspires to help design and improve upon the current technologies of artificial medical devices.  Coming from a military family, Matt is passionate about helping service members. His objective is to give back to the military community by working within the Biomedical field and improving their lives through Biomedical Engineering.

Ava Pearson, Berkeley, CA, granddaughter of Benjamin Pearson, 2008 retiree, is a recent graduate of Bishop O’Dowd HS.  She will be attending college in Southern California, studying politics, philosophy and law.  She has always been committed to serving her community through public policy. She has been lobbying and meeting with State Legislators about a variety of policy areas. In her senior year she worked with both Council Member Reid and Mayor Libby Schaaf as an intern. Getting to work with these powerful women themselves to inspire change in her local community and get people civically engaged was truly inspiring. In college, she plans on pursuing politics and law to give herself a more holistic understanding of our government. After college she plans on going to law school and then running for public office or working within the Government to improve our state and local communities.

Leila Phillips, Modesto, CA, granddaughter of Jay Johnson, 2021 retiree, is a recent graduate of Modesto Junior College and has transferred to UC Berkeley.  She is majoring in Political Science and plans on using that degree to become active in local politics and create change within our community. She is also interested in joining nonprofit organizations that align with her views and aid them in their efforts.

image004Tannar Wells, Walnut Creek, CA, granddaughter of Kathryn Gallacher, 2010 retiree, is a recent graduate of Deer Valley High School.  She is attending Arizona State University studying American Sign Language to someday become an ASL interpreter.  ASL has always piqued her interest, as one of her relatives is hard of hearing.  Being close in age, communication with him growing up was difficult.  ASL is a beautiful language, and she would love to be able to communicate with and help the deaf community.